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The Four Stages of Disruption

Steven Sinofsky writes about disruption and we read it. Worth it.

I’m honestly the first person on set. I’m there in the lobby waiting for the camera crew.

Spark devices shipping

Finally Spark devices are shipping, it’s good news just before xmas. Tiny programmable wireless radio for next-gen sensor projects. Can’t wait to attach that into network and start creating a prototype. What should I build?

Work smarter | TED Playlists | TED

Sometimes we run out of hours on a day. I find it pleasing that we can work smarter to expand possibilities. Slowly going through this TED collection.

For those who dare to be disruptive, he has some advice: “When you look at the markets in the world today, you can probably break it apart market-by-market and say, ‘Here’s something fundamentally flawed with the way businesses in this market are operating.’ Ask yourself, what are they doing wrong?